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Facts And Misconceptions About Introverts To Know

Contrary to popular belief, introverts are not all shy and unemotional people. It is also untrue that they don’t like to work in groups. Introverts, on the other hand, do not need validation or the need to be the center of attention, like the extroverts. Studies also suggest that introverts and extroverts use different parts of the brain. Therefore the difference in behaviors in experiencing the world around us. We are social creatures that thrive in a certain atmosphere. Well, introverts thrive well in an environment that does not demand too much from them socially. Still, wondering why introverts and extroverts are so different? There are so many interesting facts about introverts. Read on!

Is being an introvert good?

Let’s put it this way. There’s nothing wrong with you if you are an ‘Introvert.’

Based on the personality traits the human brain possesses, people can majorly fall into two categories. They are introverts and extroverts. Every person is introvert as well as extrovert at some level.

That means you have both introverted sides of you, and extroverted sides of you. It is just that one trait is dominant than the other.

One-third of us are predominantly introverted.

Who is an introvert?

Introverts are people that feel content by themselves. They do not enjoy large social gatherings, instead enjoy one to one conversations. Introverts enjoy the content, that is deep and meaningful.

That’s majorly one of the reasons why introverts do not enjoy small talks. They enjoy solitude and end up being an artist, writer, scientist, etc. on a professional scale.

These days the society framed introverts as “boring.”  The reason being you aren’t party as much as your others do. Partying is not fun. The depth of a real relationship is never attained just by partying. It is instead built by the things you do together, things that matter in each other’s lives.

Here are some of the introverts that would make you proud of being one, J. K. Rowling, Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Mahatma Gandhi, W. B. Yeats, Steven Spielberg, and Larry Page. If you are an introvert, be happy to be one!

Who is an extrovert?

Unlike introverts, extroverts fall prey to boredom when they are by themselves. They tend to like human interactions and enjoy their time in meeting and collaborating with people.

So clearly extroverts would want to spend time at parties, social gatherings. They also work well in groups and get along with people quickly.


Characteristics Of An Introvert

  • Introverts take time to trust someone. This leads to the fact that once they have committed to any relationship, they rarely break trust. Hence introverts are known to form long-lasting relationships. 
  • Introverts tend to work on long uninterrupted periods, and they prefer not to be disturbed.
  • They dread gossip or small talk.
  • Introverts love discussing ideas and are deep thinkers.
  • They are born creators and have the trait to question the absurd.
  • Introverts tend to think and pause before they speak.

A lot of us tend to assume introverts are awkward, anti-social, and reserved. They are unlike social people who make new friends quickly and be a part of many occasions.

But your assumption will change after reading this post. There are many things that extroverts can learn from introverts.

Facts About Introverts Most People Do Not Know

1. Contrary to popular belief, introverts are not all shy bookworms.

The difference between introverts and extroverts is not social skills. It is the way both sets of people regain energy. As most of us assume, introverts are not shy. They are not stressed nor feel anxiety about meeting people.

It is merely the fact that their mind is not revived just by a social gathering. That is not what they seek for entirely

As coined by the pioneer Carl Jung, introverts renew in solitude, from within, while extroverts thrive on external stimulation.

2.  It is an innate temperament. It is not a choice.

It’s not up to you to decide whether you will be an introvert or an extrovert. It’s just a natural trait.

3. Introverts have a better memory than extroverts.

Introverts use long-term memory more, therefore retrieving information takes longer. The introvert brain integrates complex information better. But due to loads of mapped data, the introverts’ brain requires more time to process information.

It is not uncommon for an introvert to go blank when called on unexpectedly only to have the perfect response surface later.

Extroverts have more dopamine in their primary pathways. Dopamine is the feel-good hormone associated with movement, learning, and attention.

4. Being observed and asked to perform on the spot is difficult.

Say, for instance, you are asked to present something on stage without notice (on the spot), then you get panic all of a sudden.

You find it very easy to write what you think and even practice your strengths at home, rather than boasting in front of your friends or teachers.

5. Introverts find satisfaction in thinking, feeling, dreaming, and ideas

Introverts’ primary source of energy comes from within.

6. Introverts are rarely lonely when they are alone.

Time spent alone is the best time for an introvert. An introvert mind is always wandering. Introverts seem to be in their world. That is how they end up questioning everything on this planet.

For instance, the question,  “What causes an apple to fall from a tree?” led to the discovery of gravity.

That is the depth of thinking an introvert has. These deep thoughts and questions they have with themselves are quite creative and meaningful. They have a unique skill to map different things in this world.

7. They can put themselves in others’ shoes

They understand other’s feelings, and they are there for you when in need. They are very likely to be the best caretaker if you find one in your life.

8. Introverts do not like an interruption in work.

Some of the introverts get up early or stay awake late in the night, to have time to do work without interruption.

9. Introverts form long-lasting relationships

Introverts find it difficult to socialize with people and take a pretty long time to consider someone as their friend. But once they start trusting you, they are the most trusted person you can ever have.

10. External stimulation drains their energy.

This is not to say that introverts do not enjoy connecting with people. It is the quality of a relationship that matters to an introvert. They are just more comfortable with less number of deep, intimate trustworthy relationships.

Extroverts get pumped up from likes of Facebook, hits of socializing, and other forms of social attention, whereas introverts can quickly become overwhelmed by all this.

A lot of people or crowds, noisy ambiance, and back to back errands are enormous energy drains for introverts.

11. In-depth with fewer subjects and relationships.

Introvert’s want to process every bit of data entirely, leaving behind lots of information for the brain to work on. Too much information, just like too many people, can be hyper-stimulating.

If given a chance to speak in a comfortable atmosphere about a subject near and dear to them, they can talk for hours. Visit any coffee shop to witness this phenomenon.

12. You express your thoughts boldly

No matter what others think of you, you voice your opinions openly and fearlessly.

Also, you always find yourself giving real guidance or support to a friend, when in need. In short, you are less fake.

Healthy Attributes Of an Introvert

Still not convinced why being an introvert isn’t a bad thing? Here are a few more healthy attributes of the introverted side of you.

  1. Rich inner life
  2. Vivid imagination
  3. Never bored
  4. Rarely lonely
  5. Foster deep relationships
  6. Good self-awareness
  7. Help others filter and slow down
  8. Empathic
  9. Self-dependent
  10. Able to concentrate for long periods

Are you an introvert? Being one is okay. Do you know any other facts about introverts What are your thoughts on introverts? Share them in the comments section below.

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