10 Ways How Your Smart Phone Is Actually Making You Dumb

If you are not the antisocial type, chances are you are addicted to your smartphone for every single thing. Plus with our rising standard of living, it has become a status symbol to carry a phone that suits our lifestyle.

Although smartphones are getting technologically advanced each year and more affordable to humans, it is also making people extremely dependent on it. Smartphone addictions are not uncommon and you may find yourselves getting a mini heart attack when you cannot find your mobile even for a split second.

When such a thing happens, you should also know that there are a lot of downsides that come along with it.

Here is how your smartphone is actually making you less smart day by day.

Is Your Smart Phone Technology Making You Dumber?


1) Weakening our memory

With everything that is saved on our smartphones, it is only natural to do away with storing anything in our long term memory. From phone numbers, meetings, birthdays to about anything under the sun gets stored instead of trying to recall it for later.

2) Reduces our ability to calculate

Remember those times when we could easily ace our mental mathematics exam? Well, these days even for the simplest of calculations we flip our phones out instead of trying to calculate it in our head. Ever seen a group of friends quickly take out their smartphones as soon as the bill arrives to calculate who owes how much?

3) Creating social anxiety

With everything being available on our phones, a lot of us find it extremely difficult to communicate in person. A text message is seen easier than an actual conversation. Even in social gatherings, it is a common sight to notice your friends being glued to their phones instead of socializing. This also hampers our love lives and friendships.

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4) The selfie syndrome

While a lot of us religiously click pictures of everything in sight and post them on social media, it is the narcissism of the selfie addicts that is more dangerous. It is said that this kind of self-absorption is degrading to our brain functioning.

5) Inability to complete regular human tasks

  • Lost in the city? There is Google Maps.
  • Need to converse in a language? Download an app for the same.
  • Too lazy to type a complete sentence? Use autocorrect.

Albeit helpful, these functions make a person even more dependent on their phones and too lazy to get out there and learn something from books or the old fashioned way of delving into the experience.


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6) Distractibility

One of the most damaging attributes of a smartphone is it makes us distracted. It has become quite impossible to complete a task at one go without using our phones in between. Sadly the end result is that we start doing too many things at once without being able to fully complete anything in time.

7) We are getting lazier by the day

With everything available at the touch of a few buttons, we hardly have the motivation to get out there and figure anything out. Nobody wants to get out since a simple call can fetch almost everything at our doorstep which is also leading to our next point.

8) We are getting unhealthier every day

This addiction and our laziness have made health the last of our priorities. We sleep less, wake up and check our phones and spend countless hours on it instead of breathing some fresh air and working out a bit.

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9) Lack of creativity

With low attention spans, distraction levels, and anxiety – our creativity also has decreased along with it. It has become hard to come up with ideas and execute them as a result. People spend an infinite amount of time on social media which cuts our time to actually think about important stuff.

10) Brains v/s smartphones

While our brains, by nature are the most adaptable things. It is very easy for our brains to pick up something as we see it thereby making it clear that we probably do not require our smartphones for anything apart from making calls.

An addiction to something simply for the fact that they make us look better socially and increases our acceptance is the dumbest factor ever. We are far clever to be addicted to something as fleeting as a smartphone.

In what other ways is your smartphone making you dumb? Let us know in the comments section below. Share this article to enlighten your friends on the ill effects of smartphones.

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