Friday, October 22, 2021
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10 Unique Ways How Learning To Cook Can Change Your Life For The Better

Learning to cook can sometimes seem the most daunting task of all. Especially when you sit bored and come across Vikas Khanna whipping up the most exquisite looking Idli Ball Chicken Roulade with Naan crisps and Prawn Makhni what-not-compote, for his show. While you stare at your last pack of cup noodles and ponder whether or not to boil some water and slurp that for dinner.

Positive Health Wellness, says that the best way to get started is by keeping the ingredient base simple.

Gastronomy is quite like art that we need to master to be confident of ourselves but it also becomes an addiction once you do cross that border and transform yourselves. It may be one of the most underrated forms of learning experiences and a lot of us may not even enjoy cooking but, learning this art form can definitely change your lives in many ways.

 Here you go!


1. Cooking Is A Life Skill

The foremost reason for learning to cook is the fact that it is a life skill and you may need to use it during emergencies.

There are several life skills one must learn in life.

Just like swimming and learning to drive, learning to cook is a must. For you never know when you may need to start staying alone. Even more so for college going teens or young adults.

2. You Can Create Something Unique

There is a different kind of joy that comes from being able to create something from scratch. While initially you may cook the worst dish ever or bake the hardest cake that can break your enemy’s head, a little practice can alter these events and help you create your own wonder.

You might have a friend’s friend coming over to your place only to taste the “perfect” biryani you dish out.

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3. You Get To Woo Your Dates

Even if you aren’t dreaming about the next meal at all times, chances of your potential partner being a die-hard foodie are too damn high.

Learning to master cooking may not fetch you Liam Hemsworth, but you can quite certainly impress your date with a pumpkin pie and switch the “in a relationship” mode.

After all, a lover’s way is through their stomach, said someone once.

4. Helps More If You Are A Health Nut

Our fitness goals require proper meal planning. Since, abs are made in the kitchen, it’s best not to keep hounding our mothers for bland boiled chicken and protein smoothies.

Learning to cook can help you learn a lot about nutrition and it isn’t that hard to toss some really healthy yet delicious dishes.

You can here learn about the best cooking oils for good health!

5. You Reach A Whole New Level Of Self Reliance

Nobody likes people who are whiny little dependent overgrown kids. Independent people are helluva charming and being able to toss up your own meals only adds to that charm factor.

You never need anyone to take care of you or cook you food- you can simply say, “I can make my own Chicken Tikka, thank you”.

6. You Learn About A Whole Different World

Learning to cook is so much beyond just being able to make yourselves Omelet to survive. You learn various techniques, speak a lot of fancy French words, help your friends evolve their taste buds and educate people further about food.

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7. You Get More Creative

learning to cook-benefits of cooking

Once you dive headfirst into this art, you are likely to delve deeper every day and realize that is one of the most fun activities in your life.

You may soon start hosting your own potlucks, create a crazy dish named after you, start your food blog or simply have a mini competition with your folks.

8. You May Never Need A Therapy

As said by the famous Marco Pierre White,

“Gastronomy is the greatest form of therapy”.

And it is true, ask any Culinaire what they love to do after a long hard day. Chances are they cook themselves a fancy meal and pour a glass of wine to de-stress.”

9. You Save Money!

It may just be the most important factor to learn cooking. Cooking for yourself at home can save you a TON of money. If you live in the city, it gets really expensive to sit down for dinners every night.

It is a lot more economical to return home and make yourselves a comforting Thai curry and rice.

10. Above All, You Turn Awesome

Once you cook and get better at it, you may turn into a meanie by never loving anybody else’s cooking, enough. You are confident, you know what you want and you aren’t afraid of turning into the kitchen and rectifying a lost dish.

And yes, you are sure to receive a lot of appreciation for your work and some hisses for being awesome! 😉

Share the one thing which you love the most about cooking in the comments section below.

Also help us share this article with your friends and help them bid goodbye to the mundane sandwiches and pastas.

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10 Unique Ways How Learning To Cook Can Change Your Life For The Better

Learning to cook can sometimes seem the most daunting task of all. Especially when you sit bored...

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