10 Behaviors Successful Women Display Without Realizing It


Being a women leader is becoming one of the most significant movements of this era, both online and offline. Every time we turn around, we see videos, tweets, memes, and quotes about being an independent, successful woman. Nothing is more attractive than a woman out there handling her business and being LIT as she does so. However, do you ever think about what it takes to be that successful? Have you ever wondered what mindset or behavioral traits these boss ladies possess? I’ve wondered. So, I’ve taken the time to study some girl bosses out there and develop some similar personality traits that these women naturally have. Here are some natural behaviors these women have that helped guarantee their growth to prosperity and success.

Successful Women

10 Behaviors Successful Women Display Without Realizing It

1. Assertive

A woman who is successful in her line of work is ALL about her business. She knows how to put her foot down and hold her own even if she’s in a room full of testosterone. She isn’t good at being walked all over, and if she has something to say, it will be assumed without hesitation. Kind of like a get it attitude, you know?

2. Confidence

Now, I don’t mean the “I think I’m all that” attitude. No, successful women walk with authority. They have a purpose. They aren’t shy, and they know their worth. You can tell just by watching them walk into a room that if you approach them, you better come CORRECT.

Have you ever notice a woman just because of how she entered the room?

A successful woman doesn’t look down or avert eye contact. She looks right at everyone, pauses, and smiles.

Can you say that’s how leaders attract people? Confidence is what a girl needs to wear every day!

3. Never satisfied

I don’t mean ungrateful, but a girl boss is always looking to better herself or her position. In other words, she’s hugely ambitious, and being stagnant isn’t a thing in her mind. Once she reaches a certain level of success, she doesn’t get lazy or says, “well, I’ve made it, so that’s it.”

A successful woman is consistently pushing the limits and boundaries and reaching new heights of success.

4. Successful people are decisive

Have you ever met someone who EXACTLY knows what he/she wants and where they’re heading in life?

When I was sixteen years old, the vice principal at my school told me I was going to be successful all because of how I worded what I wanted to be when I grow up. “I’m going to be a lawyer,” I said. I never realized until years later that the fact that I said “going to be” instead of “want to be” held so much more meaning to it. I KNEW that’s what I was going to do. Successful women won’t be confused about what their next move will be. They already know what their next destination is. The only thing they have to do now is to start taking steps to get there.

5. Can handle stress

A synonym for a successful woman could also be WONDER WOMAN. A successful woman could have a whole lot on their plate that seems like too much to someone on the outside, and not only will they not stumble, but they will THRIVE.

Think about all the women out there with successful careers and managing family, marriage, and kids. You will still see her playing with kids and post funny selfies with her husband in the mountains. All these on top of what she’s constantly doing, she’s still KILLIN it and not missing to leave a mark in this world.

6. Fearless

The comfort zone is not the birthplace of success. So, successful women will not let fear get in their dreams. That doesn’t mean they don’t feel fear. It means that they recognize their fear while also acknowledging their capability to overcome it. They take risks and do not hesitate to take that dive!

7. Supportive of other women

One of my favorite thing about girl bosses is how much they love to uplift other women to do the same. They never hate or put a woman down because she elevates. Women who lack success will look at another woman’s come up and then bring up something from the past, but that’s not a girl boss’s quality. They are the types to see a woman progress and say, “YASSSSSS LADIES.”

8. Sociable

Successful women can read and empathize with their surroundings. So, networking and making long-lasting connections come naturally. They will walk into a party where strangers surround them and leave with new acquaintances and relationships that never forget the energy they brought to the table. You know, they have that charm.

9. They maintain their appearance

Successful women always LOOK the part. They dress to impress and make sure they are healthy and taking care of their bodies so they’ll have the energy to go out there and SLAY like the wonderful women they are.

When they are at home, they may chill in their sweats or pajamas, but always represent their brand whenever they step out of their doors. I should probably follow their lead and stop wearing my pajama bottoms with the holes in it to Walmart. 🙂

10. They aren’t easily swayed

You can’t tell a Girl Boss that she won’t succeed or isn’t good enough. You also can’t convince her that she can’t make anything happen. I know some women who get so much hate in their comments as bloggers, YouTubers, and motivational speakers, and they don’t even bat an eyelash. I’m not saying their immune to emotions, but no words or foolish comments will stop their shine. And that’s what being a Girl Boss is all about.

So, there you have it. These are the ten behaviors usually found in every girl boss you meet. I, myself, LOVE seeing successful women out here slaying and doing their thing. I possess a few of these qualities myself, what about you? What girl diva has impressed you? Do you have any such attributes among these? Slay on, divas! Do not hesitate to drop your comments below. We love to hear from you.

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